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Ball Reversal

What is Ball Reversal?

In basketball, the act of passing the ball from one side of the court to the other. This is accomplished through either a series of quick, short passes, or a "skip pass" across the court.

Sporting Charts explains Ball Reversal

Ball reversal is just how it sounds. It is an offensive passing technique that reverses the position of the ball on the offensive side of the court through passing. The most effective use of ball reversal is to pass the ball from one player to another so that the position of the ball begins on one wing of the court, and ends at the opposite wing. This forces players on the defensive team to move and readjust their defense and defensive strategies. Ball reversal goes hand-in-hand with quick passing, creating the best possible angles for delivering the basketball to the post or into the paint, changing the focus of defenses, and creating open "looks" for shooters.

Ball reversal is a difficult technique to master, but it is essential to keeping a team's offense crisp, fluid, and unpredictable. Many of the more successful 3-point shooting teams make use of ball reversal, often combined with dribble penetration.

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