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What is BEEF?

An acronym in basketball that stands for "balance, eyes, elbow, follow-through." It signifies the "perfect" formula when teaching the art of shooting.

Sporting Charts explains BEEF

BEEF is a shooting strategy comprised of four elements. The first, balance, requires a shooter to be as well-balanced as possible when lining up a shot. This means that a shooter should have one foot in front of the other, with the lead foot matching the hand the player shoots from. Secondly, eyes should always been on "target," meaning that rather than on the ball, a shooter should be looking directly at where he intends the ball to go (i.e., the basket). Thirdly, the elbow or elbows of the arm(s) holding the ball should be straight, directly beneath the hand and the basketball, when the shot is released. This ensures the most accuracy when shooting the basketball. Lastly, just as with many swings and shots in other sports, a good follow-through is essential. It helps reinforce the entire shooting motion and stabilizes the direction of the shot.

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