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Blocking Foul

What is Blocking Foul?

This is a foul called on the defensive player when that player illegally impedes the progress of the offensive player with the ball. 

Sporting Charts explains Blocking Foul

In the NBA, there is a semi-circular area immediately beneath the rim where blocking and charging fouls are not called.  Outside this area, a defender must be in a legal defensive position before the offensive player gets to them in order to draw a charge on the offensive player.  If the defender does not get into position before the offensive player gets there and contact is made, a blocking foul may be called.  This foul is called subjectively based on the amount of contact and how much the defender impedes the offensive player.  A rule of thumb is that if the defender sets their feet prior to absorbing contact from the offensive player, a charge will be called.  If the defender has not set their feet by the time contact occurs, a blocking foul will be called on the defensive player.


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