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Box Out

What is Box Out?

A type of basketball maneuver in which a player positions his body against an opponent, in an optimal space on the floor between the opponent and the basket, in order to secure a rebound. It is an essential skill for every player on the floor and is especially important for the centers and power forwards, whose primary goal on missed shots is to rebound. There are many techniques used to accomplish the maneuver, and no one technique works every time.  

Sporting Charts explains Box Out

The box out is an important part of basketball because it happens on almost every play. Whenever a shot is missed, offensive and defensive players jockey for position on the floor to gain the best boxing out position. The two most common techniques used for boxing out are

(a) offsetting the opponent's center of gravity by boxing out low on the body, and

(b) using outstretched arms to make getting around the box out more difficult for the opponent.

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