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What is Close-Out?

In basketball, a movement made by a defensive player to close the distance between himself and a ball handler on the perimeter in an effort to either disrupt a shot or prevent a pass or drive.

Sporting Charts explains Close-Out

The close out is a defensive technique that is designed to disrupt a shooter who has a wide open shot, while at the same time allowing the defensive player to recover in the event that the shooter decides to use a pump fake or drives to the basket in lieu of taking a shot. It is a controlled run up to the shooter, in which the defender closes the distance quickly while throwing up his hands to contest the shot. At the same time the defender throws his weight backwards and begins to slow down as he nears the shooter, taking choppy steps and keeping his feet turned slightly towards the baseline, while keeping a low position. This will give the defender the opportunity to adjust if the shooter decides to pump fake, and makes it more difficult for the offensive player to drive towards the basket. The lowered position the defender takes will make it easier for him to change direction with the ball handler or to synchronize a jump in order better contest any shot.

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