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Defensive Rebound

What is Defensive Rebound?

A defensive rebound occurs when the defense obtains the possession of the ball after a missed shot by the offense.

Sporting Charts explains Defensive Rebound

A defensive rebound may also be simply known as a rebound.  The opposite, an offensive rebound, will almost always be referred to as such.  When assigning a defensive rebound to a player, the game statistician will award it to whoever controlled the ball after the missed shot.  If a defensive player tips it to one of his teammates, they may both get a half-rebound marked in their score sheets.  In order to retrieve a rebound on the defensive side of the floor, a player must be in position in front of their opponent.  The best position is close to the basket, on the last block of the key, between the opposition and the basket.  Although there will always be long rebounds, the majority of misses will fall close to the rim.

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