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What is Dipsy-doo?

A slang basketball term, made popular by the college basketball coach and announcer Dick Vitale, which refers to a stylish easy shot, slam dunk, or layup. It is mostly a nonsensical term but is common among basketball players due to its popularity with some announcers.

A simple phrase, which sounds like something a child would say, "dipsy-doo" is used to refer to a shot so easy a child should be able to make it.

Sporting Charts explains Dipsy-doo

Since a dipsy-doo is considered an easy shot, a player would be embarrassed if he missed it. There are examples of players missing dipsy-doos on blooper reels, but there aren't many highlights of players making these shots. There is no documentation of the origins of "dipsy-doo" as an expression used in basketball circles, though many basketball announcers and players have been using it for a long time.

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