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Double Dribble

What is Double Dribble?

A violation called when an offensive player dribbles the ball, picks up his dribble with either one or both hands, then proceeds to dribble again without losing control of the ball first. A player loses control of the ball and, thus, can continue to dribble if (1) a defensive player bats the ball out of his hands, (2) he attempts to shoot and the ball touches the rim, the backboard, or a defensive player, or (3) he attempts to pass and the ball touches a teammate or a defensive player. Double dribble is also called when an offensive player attempts to dribble the ball with both hands more than once. 

Sporting Charts explains Double Dribble

Bouncing the ball off a defensive player (usually off his head) or off the backboard is one way a player can purposely regain a second dribble after picking up the ball. These are creative loopholes that streetball players have discovered over the years.

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