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Double Pump

What is Double Pump?

A technique in basketball that consists of faking a shot by pumping the ball quickly into the air twice, as if shooting. A single pump may not be enough for superior defenders, and by pumping the ball into the air twice, an offensive player increases the chances of getting the defender in the air and out of position. This move is often used to draw a foul on the defender because once the defender is in the air, the offensive player can shoot "into" the defender, thereby causing a foul.

Sporting Charts explains Double Pump

A double pump is not an easy technique to master, as many skilled defenders keep their eyes on the ball and only react to shots when the ball leaves the player's hands. Furthermore, since a double pump is a fake shot, the offensive player takes the risk of putting the ball further away from his own body and closer to the defender. Players must also beware of using the double pump move too often, as other players will learn to avoid the fake and only jump to prevent a shot.

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