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Dribble Drive Motion

What is Dribble Drive Motion?

An offensive strategy in which a player "dribble drives" to the basket, and then-depending on how the defense reacts-shoots or passes it to an open teammate, who is usually on the perimeter. The perimeter player can either shoot, pass the ball to another teammate or "dribble drive" to the basket himself.

Sporting Charts explains Dribble Drive Motion

The dribble drive motion usually positions four players on the perimeter and one player (usually the center) near the basket. Having said that, this offensive strategy is entirely improvisational, relying on the offensive player's speed and ability to make quick decisions.

This offensive strategy is said to have been developed in 1997 by Vance Walberg, an assistant coach at University of Massachusetts. However, the dribble drive motion was popularized in 2006 by then-Memphis head coach John Calipari, calling it the "Memphis Attack Offense". It is also sometimes referred to as "AASAA Offense", or "Attack-Attack-Skip-Attack-Attack Offense".

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