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Foul Trouble

What is Foul Trouble?

A phrase used in basketball to describe either a team or a player's high foul total. There are rules at every level of competition that dictate how many fouls a team or player may accumulate before either the opposing team starts shooting baskets or the player is disqualified from the game.

If a player goes over his foul limit, he will be disqualified from the game. This is also known as "fouling out". A team may accumulate fouls as well, which are assessed when a player commits a foul or in a few other circumstances. When the team goes over the limit, the opposition will shoot free throws.

Sporting Charts explains Foul Trouble

Getting a player or a team in foul trouble is a strategy used to reduce the amount of time a player is in the game, and a way to gain easy points when the offensive team is over the team foul limit. In order to achieve this goal, players train on how to best avoid fouling another player as well as how to draw a foul on an opposing player. For example, players will often fake a shot attempt in an effort to get the defender in the air. If successful, the offensive player will shoot the ball and most likely get fouled as the defender comes down on top of him.

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