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Free Throw Attempts

What is Free Throw Attempts?

A statistic in basketball which is defined as a shot attempt from the free throw line when shots are awarded after a foul. A free throw is the free shot awarded to a player fouled in the act of shooting, after the opposing team has gone over its team foul limit, or after a technical foul is called. Each time a player shoots a free throw, an attempt is recorded. This statistic is kept in order to determine a player's free throw percentage, which is found by dividing the number of free throws made by the number of free throws attempted. Players with high free throw percentages are usually good shooters and therefore valuable to the team.  

Sporting Charts explains Free Throw Attempts

Free throws are often considered "free" points, or they have the potential to be when made. A winning basketball strategy requires that players make their free throws. Every coach and commentator will use the phrase "free throws win games" at some point during their career. Furthermore, coaches also use free throw attempts as a gauge for how many inside shots the team is taking. If the team is taking many shots close to the basket, it will often lead to high foul rates and more free throw attempts. The more attempts the team has, the more free points it has the potential to acquire.

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