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Game Score statistic

What is Game Score statistic?

This statistic was invented by John Hollinger to provide a rough measure of a player's performance in a given game.  The scale upon which the player's game score is based is the same as points scored.  If a player has a game score of 40, that is amazing, while a game score of 10 is average.

Sporting Charts explains Game Score (statistic)

The formula for calculating game score is as follows: (Points x 1.0) + (FGM x 0.4) + (FGA x -0.7) + ((FTA-FTM) x -0.4) + (OREB x 0.7) + (DREB x 0.3) + (STL x 1.0) + (AST x 0.7) + (BLK x 0.7) + (PF x -0.4) + (TO x -1.0). 

As can be plainly seen, this statistic takes into account almost everything a player does during a game that can be quantified.  These statistics are then weighted and added together to get a game score.  This method is similar to Dr. Dean Oliver's Four Factors, but attempts to add value by considering all the stats, rather than just the four most important ones.

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