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Halfcourt Defense

What is Halfcourt Defense?

In basketball, an organized form of defense in which the defensive team occupies their defensive half of the court in predefined positions.

Sporting Charts explains Halfcourt Defense

Halfcourt defense is a catch-all term for any type of defense that a team regularly deploys when they have the means of preparing a defense before the opposing team has a chance to score. Typical halfcourt defenses consist of man-to-man or zone defense. In the former, individual players guard individual opponents, while in the latter, defenders are assigned to specific areas or "zones" on the court. Halfcourt defense also defines any halfcourt presses or traps a defending team may employ, or the type of defense the defending team selects during out-of-bounds plays. Some halfcourt defenses can be more complicated, resulting in a combination of man-to-man and zone defensive play, often dictated by the coach to match up against specific opposing players or offensive strategies. Many teams will use the same halfcourt defense consistently according to the type of players on the floor or as defined by their defensive capabilities.

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