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Halfcourt Offense

What is Halfcourt Offense?

In basketball, an organized form of offense in which the offensive team utilizes set positions and predefined plays to overcome a halfcourt defense in order to score against their opponent.

Sporting Charts explains Halfcourt Offense

Like halfcourt defense, halfcourt offense is a catch-all term for any type of scripted offense employed by an offensive team when they are facing a set, halfcourt defense used by the opposing team. Most halfcourt offenses consist of an offensive strategy, and one of more "set plays." Overall halfcourt offensive strategies, usually referred to simply as "offenses," include motion and set offenses of differing configurations, as well as certain offenses like the "triangle offense" and the "pick and roll." Many teams often employ the same type of halfcourt offense regularly, as offenses are dictated by the style of play and capabilities of a team's starting players. Various set plays are usually drawn up by the coaching staff to take advantage of whatever type of offense the team is running.

Some examples of motion style offenses are the "dribble-drive" and the "3-out, 2-in." Examples of set offenses include the "1-3-1" and "2-1-2 high post."

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