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Halfcourt Trap

What is Halfcourt Trap?

A type of halfcourt defense in which the defensive team attempts to disrupt set plays by the offensive team at the halfcourt line.

Sporting Charts explains Halfcourt Trap

In combination with a halfcourt press, the halfcourt trap's sole purpose is to prevent the offensive team from employing any sort of set offense. A typical halfcourt trap involves one defender closing with the ball handler before he can reach the halfcourt line. This defender will then guard the ball handler and attempt to guide him to one side of the court or the other. Other members of the defensive team are cutting off any available passing lanes, while one defender on either side of the court moves up to help "trap" the ball handler one he passes the halfcourt line. Most halfcourt presses and traps are used in an attempt to both disrupt an offensive team's flow and to create opportunities for steals or turnovers as a result of the stress they put on the ball handler.

Some of the most common types of halfcourt traps consist of the 1-2-2, 1-3-1 and 2-2-1.

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