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What is Halftime?

The official suspension of game play between the second and third quarters of a regulation basketball game.

Sporting Charts explains Halftime

In the NBA, a regulation basketball game is divided into four quarters consisting of 12 minutes each. At the conclusion of the second quarter, play is suspended and the game clock is reset for the next quarter. The halftime break period is fifteen minutes long. At halftime both teams generally exit the court and the coaching staff conducts a meeting in the team's designated meeting area or locker room. The only real significant quality of halftime are the longer break, to break up the game into two "halves," as it gives both teams time to rest before play resumes. It also gives the coaching staff and the players time to make adjustments based on the way the game has so far been played, in order to possess the best strategies a team can use in order to win the ballgame during the remaining two quarters.

In addition to the break, most NBA games make use of a "halftime show" to entertain the fans that usually takes place on the court.

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