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High Post

What is High Post?

An area on a basketball court at the top of the key. The key is the rectangular area that encompasses the middle of the floor underneath the basket. It is often shaded and always has a semi-circle attached on the short side opposite the basket. The high-post is named as such to be opposite the low post, which is at the bottom of the rectangle closer to the basket.

Sporting Charts explains High Post

The high post area is typically an area where a set-play begins. Offensive players often position themselves on the high post in order to block, or pick-off, an opposing defender in order to free their teammate. Offensive players will also often lure their defender out to the high post in order to space the floor and create scoring opportunities. Defensive players position themselves in the high post as a deterrent to an opposing player attempting to make his way to the basket either through the key or around it.

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