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Hook Shot

What is Hook Shot?

A one-handed shot in which the offensive player turns his body sideways to the basket, then shoots the ball with one hand that ends over his head. It is usually executed by low post players.

Sporting Charts explains Hook Shot

There are two popular types of hook shots: (1) the "sky hook", popularized by former Los Angeles Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, is executed by taking off from one foot and shooting the ball with a higher arc and a more prominent sweeping motion of the arm; and (2) the "baby hook", or "jump hook", is executed by extending the arm high over the player's head and shooting the ball with a flick of the wrist. Out of the two, the baby hook is currently the more popular shot around the NBA.

Because the player's body is turned sideways, the shoulder closest to the basket is used to create space between the shooter and the defensive player. The sky hook is difficult to defend, and because it is usually used by taller players, it is virtually unblockable.

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