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What is Kicking?

In basketball, the act of deflecting a ball by intentionally contacting it with the leg or foot.

Sporting Charts explains Kicking - basketball

When a basketball is kicked during the course of play, the general result is that the ball is called dead and a turnover occurs. Different rules apply depending on whether an offensive or defensive player kicked the ball and also whether or not the ball was in play at the time of the kick. If an offensive player intentionally kicks the ball, the defensive team gains possession and may throw in the ball from a spot on the sideline next to the spot where the violation occurred. If a defensive player kicks the ball, the offensive team gains possession with the same rules for spotting the ball. In both cases, if the ball was kicked between the foul line and the baseline, the team gaining possession would throw in from the sideline at the point at which the foul line would intersect the sideline (if it were stretched).

When a kicked ball turnover occurs the shot clock is completely reset, except in the case of a defender kicking the basketball while it is in the front court. In this case, the shot clock is set to the time of the violation, or to 14 seconds, whichever is greater.

In the event that the basketball accidentally contacts a player's leg or foot, it is not considered a violation, and normal out of bounds or other rules would apply.

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