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Low Post

What is Low Post?

A term referring to the area on a basketball court at the bottom of the key, typically on either side of the basket. The key is the rectangular area that encompasses the middle of the floor underneath the basket. It is often shaded and always has a semi-circle attached on the short side opposite the basket. The low post is named in contrast/opposition to the high post, which is at the top of the rectangle away from the basket.

Sporting Charts explains Low Post

The low post area is one of the most valuable spots on the court. The biggest offensive player on the court will often position himself in the low post, facing away from the basket, in order to be close to the basket. The player faces the action on the floor and not the basket because it enables him to call for the ball and see the defense react. If the player receives the ball in the low post, teams will be able to space out the floor and give the player a one-on-one opportunity to score.  

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