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Motion Offense

What is Motion Offense?

A type of offense that relies on player and ball movement and the offensive players' ability to read the defense. Unlike a continuity offense, motion offenses can be run over and over again without having to reset to their original position.

Sporting Charts explains Motion Offense

The main advantage of a motion offense is that there are numerous options that the offense can run in one set. It all depends on how a defense reacts or how a defense is positioned on the court. It's also difficult to stop because typically all five players are moving at once.

There are many variations of a motion offense. Former Indiana head coach Bob Knight used his motion offense to become the winningest coach in the NCAA; Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski has won four national titles using a 3-2 motion offense; and Kentucky head coach John Calipari uses a dribble-drive motion offense that has become popular around the NCAA recently.

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