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Offensive Four Factors

What is Offensive Four Factors?

Advanced basketball statistics expert and author Dr. Dean Oliver has singled out four factors that help NBA teams win games.  These four factors, with their relative weights in parenthesis are: Shooting (40%), Turnovers (25%) Rebounding (20%), Free Throws (15%).

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Four Factors

The following statistics are used to measure each of these measures: Effective Field Goal Percentage, Turnover Percentage, Offensive Rebound Percentage, and Free Throw Percentage.  Each one of these statistics is calculated using the formulas mentioned in Defensive Four Factors.  In the case of offensive rebound percentage, the formula is as follows: ORB / (ORB + Opp DRB).  Once these statistics have been calculated and weighted accordingly, they can be compared to other teams in the league.  The four factors are accepted by many teams and statisticians to be an excellent gauge of a team's ability to win, though many do not place as much emphasis on these factors as Dr. Oliver does in his book, "Basketball on Paper."

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