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Offensive Rating - ORtg

What is Offensive Rating - ORtg?

A metric that estimates how many points an individual player produces per 100 team possessions. This concept is also used to rate a team's offensive production per 100 possessions.

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Rating - ORtg

Offensive Rating uses the same theoretical base as Defensive Rating, but looks at points produced as opposed to points allowed. This statistic actually started out as a way to determine how many points a team scored per 100 possessions.

However, the originator of this formula, Dean Oliver, moved this concept to the player level as a way to estimate a player's offensive contribution to his team. Oliver details the player-specific version of Offensive Rating, along with many other key statistical concepts, in his landmark 2003 book Basketball on Paper.

Some of the all-time leaders in this category include Steve Kerr, Reggie Miller, Magic Johnson, John Stockton and Kiki Vandeweghe.

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