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Offensive Rebound Percentage

What is Offensive Rebound Percentage?

This is a statistic used in basketball to track the percentage of offensive rebounds a player is retrieving.  To calculate this statistic, divide the total number of offensive rebounds secured by the total number of rebounds available by the player/team.

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Rebound Percentage

The team version of the offensive rebounding percentage can be very useful in determining the rebounding prowess of a given team.  It is widely agreed upon that offensive rebounds are harder to get and more important to a team than the defensive variety (though only by a small margin).  Since every potential offensive rebound is a potential defensive rebound for the opposition, the higher a team's offensive rebound percentage, the lower the opposition's defensive rebound rate will be.  A low defensive rebound rate means the team is getting fewer possessions and will probably score less.  A high personal offensive rebound percentage usually belongs to a front court player who is always down by the rim getting rebounds.  This type of player is valuable to a team because they help increase the number of possessions a team has per game.

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