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Offensive Rebounds

What is Offensive Rebounds?

A term used in basketball to describe a rebound secured by an offensive player after his/her teammate has missed a shot. When this occurs, the team has a chance to secure "second-chance points", which are especially valuable. An offensive rebound differs only in name from other types of rebounds, and it is only applied to the team on offense after a shot is missed. If a defensive player were to rebound the ball, it would simply be called a "rebound" (and in some rare cases, a "defensive rebound").  

Sporting Charts explains Offensive Rebounds

Offensive rebounds extend the shot clock for the team on offense, thereby extending the time it has to take a shot and forcing the opponent to expend more energy on defense. Coaches are especially fond of offensive rebounds because they keep their players in "attack" mode, which usually keeps players active and involved. Offensive rebounds are secured by good use of the box out technique, which requires good positioning, and a good eye for the ball.

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