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Over the Limit

What is Over the Limit?

A term in basketball that refers to a team that has committed four or more fouls within a single quarter.

Sporting Charts explains Over the Limit

When a team is over the limit, the opposing team is rewarded with two free throws for every subsequent foul committed. These free throws are assessed regardless of the type of committed: personal, team or even loose-ball foul. The team foul limit can have a large bearing on games and the overall strategy of a quarter, as teams need to be more careful and play more efficient defense when they are nearing the foul limit. Since most team fouls originate from personal fouls, often a team that is over the limit has one or more players in danger of fouling out of the game. Under rare circumstances, a team that is over the limit may commit more fouls intentionally, especially against an opposing player who may be strong on the floor but who is not a particularly good free throw shooter.

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