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What is Perimeter?

The overall area of the basketball court beyond the key, but inside the three-point line. Shots taken from the perimeter are usually referred to as "mid-range jump shots" or "perimeter shots."  

Sporting Charts explains Perimeter

As the game of basketball has evolved, the perimeter has played a much bigger role in team offensive strategy. The most common type of jump shot is taken from the perimeter-perimeter shots are often an easier option as they do not require the player taking the shot to drive into the post area. However, most players who are defined as "perimeter players" know how to make the most out of the basketball court. They can drive to the basket or shoot from the perimeter. Another use of the perimeter is "perimeter defense," which essentially involves a defender's ability to prevent the offensive player from driving to the basket. Much of the initial part of set plays takes place in the perimeters, including screens, while kick outs to perimeter jump shooters is a common strategy.

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