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Personal Foul

What is Personal Foul?

A personal foul is called in basketball when a player commits a violation that prevents the opposing player from moving, scoring, or performing another allowed activity.  A foul may also be called if an offensive or defensive player breaks a rule.

Sporting Charts explains Personal Foul - basketball

A personal foul will almost always result in free throws being awarded to the fouled individual.  Each team is given an allowance of five team fouls per quarter.  If they foul the opposition six or more time in a quarter, every foul from the sixth on will result in free throws for the opposition (this is known as a "bonus").  However, if the foul is a shooting foul, meaning the offensive player was fouled while attempting a shot, the offensive player will always be awarded foul shots.  A personal foul differs from the other types of fouls in that a personal foul is not as subjective like a technical or flagrant foul and is committed against an individual member of the opposing team.  An example of a personal foul is a charge, when an offensive player initiates contact and attempts to go through a defender who has successfully established their own position.

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