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What is Pick?

A maneuver in basketball in which a member of the offensive team positions his body in such a way as to allow a teammate with the ball to break free of a defender.

Sporting Charts explains Pick - basketball

The pick, also referred to as a screen, is a common maneuver employed by teams during offensive plays. The player who is executing the pick will generally take up a position on the perimeter or near the top of the key, angling towards the ball handler. The teammate who possesses the ball will then make a move toward and past the player making the pick, who then impedes any trailing defender from following the ball handler. When setting a pick, it is important for the player doing so to remain stationary. If the player instead moves towards the defender and disrupts his movement, an offensive foul is usually called, resulting in a turnover to the opposing team.

One of the most popular plays that involves the pick is known as the pick and roll, in which a player sets the pick, then "rolls" to the basket to receive a pass (typically from the player for whom he set the pick).

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