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What is Pivot?

A term in basketball used to define both the act of keeping one foot in place while moving the other and the actual foot which remains on the ground. Keeping one foot in place is necessary when a player stops dribbling the ball but wishes to re-position himself for a pass or shot.  A player may rotate and move around as long as one foot remains in place, on the floor. The foot chosen is known as the "pivot", or "pivot foot", and if it comes off the ground, or otherwise shifts position away from its original spot on the floor, a travelling violation will be called. 

Sporting Charts explains Pivot

A skilled offensive player will often take advantage of the pivot by establishing one foot in a position which would make it difficult for the defender to recover if the offensive player got the ball. For example, if a player in the low post places one foot inside the key and one foot out, he can avoid a three-second violation, call for the ball, and then pivot toward the basket and shoot. One famous player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was known for his ability to pivot toward the basket to shoot his patented "sky-hook" shot.

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