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Points Produced

What is Points Produced?

This is a statistic designed by Dr. Dean Oliver, author of the seminal work on advanced basketball statistics, "Basketball on Paper."  This particular statistic measures how many points a player produces and takes into consideration their made shots, assists, and offensive rebounds.

Sporting Charts explains Points Produced

There are different weights assigned to different scenarios.  For example, a player who assists on a two point field goal receives 25% of the scoring possession, which is about 0.5 points produced.  A player who assists in a three-point field goal gets about 15% of the scoring possession, which again works out to about 0.5 points.  In those scenarios, the player making the basket gets the majority of the credit (as they should), getting 75% and 85% of the scoring possession credit respectively.  This statistic is helpful for determining how much a player helps the offense.  Every coach knows a made shot is not just one player making a shot, but his/her whole team contributing.  This statistic helps measure teamwork.

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