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Princeton Offense

What is Princeton Offense?

An offensive strategy that relies on high post positioning, precision cuts and backdoor passing. This strategy does not have a set position or a set pattern of movement, instead it depends on the offense adjusting to what the defense gives it.

Sporting Charts explains Princeton Offense

The Princeton Offense was developed by former Princeton University head coach Pete Carril. He took his Princeton Offense to the NBA when he became the assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings from 1996 to 2006. Also, other NCAA coaches have adapted the Princeton Offense: the most notable Princeton Offense adherent is Georgetown coach John Thompson III, who played under Carril at Princeton.

The Princeton Offense positions a post player (a power forward or a center) at the high post and utilizes him as the primary playmaker. The other four players cut around the high post player, and he then finds the open man or a mismatch to take advantage. Therefore, the Princeton Offense is most successful when utilizing a terrific passing high post player.

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