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Rebound Percentage

What is Rebound Percentage?

A metric that estimates the percentage of total available rebounds a player grabs while he is on the court. Rebound Percentage can also be calculated for a team rather than an individual player.


Sporting Charts explains Rebound Percentage

In an effort to determine how much impact players have on their teams, sports statisticians have developed metrics such as Rebound Percentage. Examining Rebound Percentage can give us evidence to show how effective a player is on the offensive and defensive glass.

Although the formula itself looks a bit more complicated, the basic idea is to look at the total rebounds (offensive and defensive) available while a particular player is on the floor, and determine the percentage of those that the player pulled down himself. This value indicates, in part, how efficient a player is at rebounding.

Some of the all-time leaders in this category include Dennis Rodman, Swen Nater, Moses Malone, Larry Smith and Dikembe Mutombo.

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