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Rebounds per Game

What is Rebounds per Game?

A statistic in basketball which measures the average number of rebounds a player secures on a per game basis. To calculate this statistic, divide the total number of rebounds a player secures in a given number of games by that number of games. This is an important statistic because it helps illustrate the rebounding efficiency of a player across seasons. Many teams rely on this statistic to evaluate players because rebounding is a skill considered essential to success on the court. It is especially valuable for evaluating front court players, as one of their primary responsibilities is rebounding.

Sporting Charts explains Rebounds per Game

The NBA leader for a single season in rebounds per game is Wilt Chamberlain, but the all-time leader, Bill Russell, is often considered the best rebounder in the history of the league. The fact that these two players are at the top of the rebounding records lists gives an indication as to how important rebounding is to a team. Their teams were always competitive deep into the playoffs, and Bill Russell's Celtic teams won 11 championships. The current active player who leads the league in rebounds per game is Dwight Howard.

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