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What is Rejected?

A basketball term which refers to a defender blocking the shot of an offensive player; the offensive player has been rejected. There are some times when a player can reject a pass, but the term is most often used to describe shot blocking.

Sporting Charts explains Rejected

A rejection is one of the more exciting plays in basketball because it requires perfect timing and position on the part of the defender. An offensive player will often seek revenge for the rejection in the form of another rejection or other aggressive move. A player who gets rejected often will not remain in the game very long, as one of the important facets of the game of basketball is the ability to score over a defender. An interesting fact about rejections is that the NBA did not start tracking rejections, or blocks, until the 1973-74 season. However, Bill Russell, a Hall of Fame player from the 1950s, is consistently considered to be the first to effectively and consistently block shots during games. Many believe he would hold the NBA record if the statistic was being recorded during his playing days.

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