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Second Chance Points

What is Second Chance Points?

A basketball phrase used to describe any points scored during a possession by the offense after an offensive player has already attempted one shot and missed. If a player is fouled on a shot attempt and receives free throws, any points scored are not considered second chance points. However, if a second shot attempt in a possession results in a missed shot and a foul which awards free throws, any free throws made would be considered second chance points.

Sporting Charts explains Second Chance Points

Second chance points in basketball are valuable because they extend the time a team possesses the ball, they help wear down the defense and, most obviously, they add points to the score. Possession time increases because after a shot hits the rim, the shot clock, which governs how long a team has to score the ball, resets. Opportunities for second chance points typically come when an offensive player gains better position than his counterpart in order to secure a rebound off a missed shot. This wears down the defense because they must exert more energy securing rebounds and playing defense in order to simply start their offense.  

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