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Steals per Game

What is Steals per Game?

A statistic in basketball which measures the average number of steals per game of any given player. It is calculated by dividing the total number of steals a player secures in a game by the total number of games played. This statistic is generally higher among players who play point guard or shooting guard, as they are typically defending players who dribble around the court more often than the rest of the team. A player with a higher than average score in this category is also usually fast and has good ball control and solid court vision (the ability to see the whole court).

Sporting Charts explains Steals per Game

When a steal is made, at least two statistics are recorded: both the steal and a turnover. Comparing the number of steals per game a player makes with the number of turnovers he commits can help a coach see how many chances the player takes with the ball. A player who plays solid defense will take fewer chances and will have a higher score on the steals per game measure, while a player who does take chances may have a higher steals per game average, but will also have a high turnover per game average.

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