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Stripped Ball

What is Stripped Ball?

A basketball term that describes the state of a player after the ball is stolen from him. Here, "stripping" the ball is slang for "stealing". Although a teammate would never steal the ball on purpose, this term applies any time the ball is taken from a player. A player can be stripped of the ball as a result of poor ball control, ball handling or general carelessness. The term carries a negative connotation; players who have the ball stolen in an awkward or un-athletic manner are said to have been stripped.

Sporting Charts explains Stripped Ball

The purpose of stripping the ball is to gain possession of the ball. A coach will often instruct players to attempt to strip the ball from an offensive player when the ball is within arm's length. However, an inherent risk to attempting to strip the ball is the potential for a foul. A player on whom a steal is attempted can often reposition himself fast enough to prevent being stripped, while also drawing a foul on the defender.

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