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Technical Foul

What is Technical Foul?

An infraction by a player or a coach that is deemed unsportsmanlike conduct. The penalty for this infraction is one free throw for the opposing team and possession. If opposing players are charged with technical fouls at the same time (or a double technical foul), then the infractions offset each other, and the team with possession when the technical foul is called inbounds the ball from the sideline.

Sporting Charts explains Technical Foul

Unsportmanlike conduct may include taunting, disrespecting an official, fighting, faking a foul, calling a timeout when the team has none left, or intentionally hanging on the rim at any time (except to prevent an injury). Moreover, being charged with a delay of game twice in a game results in a technical foul. Also, a technical foul can be assessed to home teams for instances such as excessive use of artificial noise and throwing objects onto the court.

When a player is charged with two technical fouls in one game, he is ejected by the officials. In the NBA, when a player accumulates 15 technical fouls in a season or seven technical fouls during the playoffs, he shall be suspended for one game.

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