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Total Rebound Percentage - TRB%

What is Total Rebound Percentage - TRB%?

This is an advanced statistic collected by NBA teams which tracks the total percentage of rebounds a team or player gets per game/season.  This statistic is calculated by taking the total number of rebounds secured, both offensive and defensive, and dividing that number by the total number of rebounds available.  The total number of rebounds available is best calculated by summing the raw rebounding totals per game for each team.

Sporting Charts explains Total Rebound Percentage - TRB%

The Total Rebound Percentage is useful because it illustrates a team's ability to rebound the ball.  Rebounding is important because it can extend a possession and give the team another chance to score (offensive rebound), or prevent a team from having another chance to score (defensive rebound).  Rebounds are usually grabbed by the front court players, but guards are also expected to rebound the ball when it falls far from the rim.  A guard capable of rebounding the ball down low is a valuable commodity on a professional basketball team.


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