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Triangle Offense

What is Triangle Offense?

An offensive strategy that relies on the players' ability to improvise and read and react to the defense while always maintaining the principles of the "triangle" to achieve ideal spacing on the court. The triangle consists of a player on the wing, a player on the corner, and a player on the high or low post. All five players, regardless of position, can rotate into these spots at any given time.

Sporting Charts explains Triangle Offense

The triangle offense was developed by former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Tex Winters and utilized most prominently by his head coach Phil Jackson. This offensive strategy was very productive for Phil Jackson; he won an NBA record 11 NBA titles as head coach of the Bulls and the Lakers.

In spite of its effectiveness, very few coaches have successfully implemented the triangle offense in their playbooks due to the fact that it's difficult to teach. Quick-hitters can be taught to give players a semblance of a structure, but ultimately, the players are expected to freelance in this offensive strategy while always keeping the triangle in mind. The players who have flourished in this system generally are versatile and have high basketball IQ. Also, point guards who need to have the ball in their hands at all times in order to succeed tend to have trouble with this system.

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