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Turnover Percentage

What is Turnover Percentage?

A metric that estimates the number of turnovers a player commits per 100 possessions. Turnover Percentage can also be calculated for a team rather than an individual player.


Sporting Charts explains Turnover Percentage

In an effort to determine how much impact players have on their teams, sports statisticians have developed metrics such as Turnover Percentage. Turnovers don't tell the whole story in terms of offensive inefficiency, but examining Turnover Percentage can give us clues as to how effective a player is on the offensive end. Statistical research has determined that turnovers (or lack thereof) is one of the significant contributing factors when looking at a player's value to his team.

Although the formula itself looks a bit more complicated, the basic idea is to look at all a team's possessions while a particular player was on the floor, and find the percentage of those possessions in which the player committed a turnover. This value is then adjusted to yield the number of turnovers per 100 possessions. This value indicates, in part, how much negative impact a player has on his team by wasting valuable offensive possessions.

Some of the all-time leaders (lowest Turnover Percentage) in this category include Kerry Kittles, Mike Mitchell, Harvey Grant, Wesley Person and Jeff Malone.

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