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Turnovers per Game

What is Turnovers per Game?

A statistic in basketball which measures the average number of turnovers per game of a given player. This measure is calculated by dividing the total number of turnovers a player commits in a game by the number of games played. It is important for all players on a team to have a low number of turnovers per game because a turnover is when a player does something which results in the opposition gaining control of the ball. It can be as a result of a steal, losing control of the ball, making a bad pass, or other bad moves.  

Sporting Charts explains Turnovers per Game

Players who commit more turnovers than the average player can only be on teams which are able to balance their negative contribution with other positive contributions. A team will often try to limit such a player's dribbling and force him to shoot from fixed positions on the floor. A player's effectiveness in this category can be clearly seen when comparing the number of turnovers a player commits with the number of steals he secures per game. The disparity or similarity is the result of a risky mentality; players will often try to dribble into defense and commit a turnover, but will also risk position on defense to secure a steal.

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