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UCLA High Post Offense

What is UCLA High Post Offense?

An offensive strategy that revolves around a center positioned at the strong side high post. Aside from using the high post player in isolation plays, he is also used as the screener for the "UCLA cut" and as a passer to the low post or to the wing.

Sporting Charts explains UCLA High Post Offense

The UCLA High Post Offense was developed by coaching legend John Wooden. Using the UCLA High Post Offense, he posted an overall coaching record of 664-162, won 10 championships in 12 seasons, and is arguably the most applauded NCAA coach of all time. His name is synonymous with winning because he was one of the greatest minds and motivators in basketball, but it also helped that he had Hall of Fame centers such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (still Lew Alcindor then) and Bill Walton to run the UCLA High Post Offense for him.

Wooden also developed the UCLA cut as an option in this offensive strategy. A high post player is stationary at the elbow, either with or without the ball, and then a player from the perimeter runs beside him, using him as a screen as he cuts towards the basket.

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