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Air Raid Offense

What is Air Raid Offense?

An offensive philosophy that emphasizes a significant amount of short passes in a spread formation. The typical air raid setup involves four receivers (usually two wide and two slot receivers) and the quarterback setup in the shotgun formation.

The use of audibles is also extremely important to this system-the quarterback quite often changes the play call at the line of scrimmage after reading the defensive formation.

Sporting Charts explains Air Raid

Rather than running the ball, an air raid system uses short passes to replace a balanced running attack.  Quarterbacks in this offensive system often throw the ball over 75% of the time and usually end up with stellar passing statistics as a result of its simplicity and an increased number of pass attempts.

The air raid system was pioneered by Hal Mumme, while Mike Leach was his offensive coordinator at Kentucky and Valdosta State. Leach had great success using the air raid scheme during his tenure at Texas Tech.

Critics of this system believe that it under utilizes receivers' route running ability and hides the quarterback's ability to throw the ball long.

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