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Assistant Coach

What is Assistant Coach?

A member of a team's coaching staff, other than the head coach. Assistant coaches include the offensive and defensive coordinators, the special teams coach, and the position coaches. Teams will have a variety of assistants, each responsible for one of the many elements of the football team. Often, these coaches are younger coaches who have not yet made their mark, although a few assistants are veteran coaches.

Sporting Charts explains Assistant Coach

A team will have a large number of assistant coaches to divide up the many coaching responsibilities. The two main assistants are the offensive and defensive coordinators. They are considered the primary coaches responsible for each side of the football, and they are often tasked with making the game plan for their side of the ball for each game. Under them will be other position assistants, such as the quarterbacks coach and the linebackers coach. These coaches are tasked with getting their specific positions ready for the game. The team will also have a special teams coach responsible for the kicking teams.

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