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Big Plays

What is Big Plays?

This is an unofficial statistical measure of plays that generate significant yardage for the offense side and have the potential to greatly impact the game. Passing big plays are considered those to be greater than 25 yards gained while rushing big plays are considered those to be greater than 10 yards gained on the play.

Sporting Charts explains Big Plays

Measuring how many big plays a team is able to complete is important because it is directly representative of a team's ability to score.  A team unable to move the ball in large chunks every once in a while will have a difficult time winning games.  This is because most teams can move the ball in large chunks, and some can do it way more often than others.  A team capable of many big plays in a game usually has many athletic, top-tier athletes on the team.  When measured after the completion of a season, the relationship between big plays and winning percentage usually shows that teams with lots of big play potential make it deep into the playoffs.

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