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Blind Side

What is Blind Side?

A term for the side of the offensive line that the quarterback is facing away from while in the pocket. For right handed quarterbacks, the left tackle protects the blind side. There is an extra emphasis is placed on keeping the quarterback's blind side safe due to the higher risk of a turnover on a hit from the blind side since the quarterback cannot see the impact coming. Teams will often put their best offensive lineman on the blind side to lessen the risk of pressure.

Sporting Charts explains Blind Side

Teams put a premium on keeping the quarterback from being sacked from the blind side, and will go to great lengths to acquire effective blockers for that side of the offensive line. Blind side hits can be game changers for the defense because of the high chance of a turnover, since the quarterback is unaware of the hit and will often have the football exposed. Some teams will use rollout plays to get the quarterback away from the blind side and minimize the pressure coming from that direction.

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