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Blocked Kick

What is Blocked Kick?

A moment in which a defensive player manages to get a hand on a field goal attempt or extra point attempt in order to deflect it away from passing between the goal posts. Once the kick is blocked, the offensive team may not touch it again unless the defensive team tries to touch it and muffs the recovery. On field goal attempts, blocked kicks may be returned by the defense.

Sporting Charts explains Blocked Kick

A blocked kick can be a large momentum swing in favor of the defense. In addition to denying the offense points, it can also swing the field position battle by giving the defense better field position. Blocked kicks can happen because of a number of factors. A defensive player can penetrate the offensive line up the middle, or a faster player can get around the edge and dive into the path of the ball. Blocked kicks can also happen if a kicker kicks the ball low enough to allow a defensive player to reach it.

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